Discovered: Number to Dial to see if your phone is Tapped

Number to Dial to see if your phone is Tapped

Learn Number to Dial to see if your phone is Tapped: We have shown you the most effective and efficient method to stop anyone from tracking your mobile phone in our earlier article. Have you ever wondered if your phone is being stolen or hacked? Certainly, there were instances where you thought that it was the case.

They’re more than mobile phones that many people are unaware of hackers can remotely install some potentially risky software into your phone in order to trace your phone’s location or even take your personal information. Security of your devices must always be the top prioritization.

With only a couple of shortcodes you can get a deeper understanding of the phone’s background and determine whether your messages as well as information are secure and if you’re being targeted.

We have put together all of the necessary and useful codes for smartphones into one article, with some tips to those who are concerned about being targeted.

How To Tell If Your Phone Is Tapped

Number to Dial to see if your phone is Tapped

Number to Dial to see if your phone is Tapped

It is vital to understand the main indications that suggest that your phone is watched. The knowledge of these codes won’t aid if you are unable to identify when your phone has been being monitored, and you aren’t sure when or how to make use of the codes.

New applications. Monitoring apps that are malicious require direct installation on your device, which is why it’s a red alert if you find an app with a name you do not recognize.

Rapid loss of battery. Running malware continuously in the background can take an enormous strain on the resources of your phone and can lead to a slow speed and excessive heat.

Strange texts. Do your friends receive text messages or messages from social media that you did not send?

An increase in SMS or data use. If your SMS and data usage during the month surpasses your normal use it could indicate that you’re not alone as the user of the device.

Adblockers may still show pop-ups, despite an anti-adblocker. Strange pop-ups might appear in an attempt to steal information in the event that malware is affecting your phone.

Blocking e-mails. Are you sending emails which never get to their destinations? This strange phenomenon could mean that your e-mail settings have been transferred to an unauthorised server.

Data breaches. If you’ve experienced data breaches where sensitive details like passwords, private messages or passwords leaked it’s a sign that something is wrong in another area.

Code To Check If Your Phone Is Tapped

These codes will allow you to find out if messages, calls, or other information is being transferred to a different number.

The code will show the status of various types of diverting occurring, along with the number that the data is being transferred to. This information will be displayed on your phone’s display.


Are you worried that your text messages or calls are being recorded? Simply dial *#21# from your phone. This will reveal the status of all kinds of diverting occurring. The phone number where the information is transferred to will be shown on the phone’s screen.


Is your phone tapped? If so you can dial ##002# on your phone to shut off all redirection from your phone.


Dial *#62# from your phone and discover the location where your messages, calls and other data are being transferred to, if you feel that nobody is able to connect to you.


*#06# allows you to identify your device’s the IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identification) code. If you are familiar with this number, you’ll be able to locate your phone in the event that you steal it.

If it’s switched on, the location of the phone is immediately communicated to the operator of the network. Even if you add the brand new SIM device, in the event that anyone has access to your IMEI number they will be able to determine the model of your phone and its the technical details.

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